I have been waiting for a good, solid factor that would stifle the music industry, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found it. The explosion of the Internet has changed vastly the way music is made and received. Many musicians have found a medium they can easily control. But I have not been happy. I began researching how the music industry could keep up, and what that might mean for the future of the music industry. I started with the current top artists, who have managed to make a name for you online.

Performing artists, artists that rely primarily on CDs and videos or simply websites to perform are definitely not decreasing in number. In fact, there is still plenty of room for newcomers. But, to work as a musician, you are going to need some new ideas. If this article interests you, you are wise to be concern.

In the New York Times the Financial Times outlined the following statistics regarding the music industry trends. They report that this could easily understate the impact of these trends, if you don’t see why these trends are imperative to your music consumption and production. The trends listed below are as followed:

Streaming online music is the new wave of the future – – . Streaming means that some sort of a stream has been sent to a music fan without requiring a download.. Longer are these downloads to devices I know. They happen in real time. Log Million playlist-style websites, are existing, and will increase in numbers over the next few years. In the “good old” days entertainment was confined to that collection of videos and movies available on motorcycles, where the band could live in an exotic location and a large percentage of the movie budget was dedicated to locations and sound stages. “Now” the movie screens are basic! We have the Internet! The Internet, as you know, has led to quite a way, into the TV/video movies/music videos.

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